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The IJF Condemns Hard Training Methods

The IJF Condemns Hard Training Methods(IJFは行き過ぎた指導を非難する)

In direct connection with the complaint of a group of athletes from the national Japanese women's team, reporting the acts from their coach, the IJF strongly emphasizes its total disapproval of such behaviors.

"It has nothing to do with the spirit and philosophy of judo taught by the founding master of our sport, Master Jigoro Kano," said the President of the International Judo Federation, Mr. Marius Vizer.
「(今回のような行き過ぎた指導方法は、)私たちの競技の創設者である嘉納治五郎氏が教えた柔道の精神および哲学とは全く関係がないものです」と、IJF会長のMarius Vizer氏は言います。

The IJF is particularly focussed on the development and promotion of the moral code of judo. Judo is a method to develop the physical and mental capacities, whose primary concern is to maintain the health and integrity (physical and mental) of the participants. Any action that goes against these principles are banned. The IJF will therefore take all necessary measures.

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